Thursday, July 3, 2008

This and that

Why is it that summer always flies by so fast? It's already July, which means that school starts back in one month. I feel like we've had an amazing summer thus far, but I'm sure I'll be ready for the kiddos to head back to some form of school soon.

This weekend is going to be a crazy one. Jamie is going to continue building some bookshelves for the family room tomorrow, then we'll head to a party with some folks from the bands at church. Should be lots of fun!

Beginning on Saturday morning, we'll be embarking on a 3-day potty training mission for Gannon. A friend of mine, Hillary, was able to accomplish this with her son who is Gannon's age. We've been doing a little bit here and there to potty train, but nothing major. Well, Mr. Gannon has to be trained before he starts at his preschool in August, so I figured a 3-day method was probably warranted. Cross your fingers, say prayers, etc that this will work for us! I'm attempting to mentally prepare myself as I write. :)

With any luck, we'll come out of the weekend unscathed and diaper-free! Next week is a relaxing week, with nothing major planned. I've neglected to take the kids to the Botanical Gardens yet this summer, so we'll likely make a trip there. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 4th!

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Rick said...

It's strange. I feel the same way about July - like the summer is almost over.