Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Adventure!

The cute class I co-lead

We just had a very busy, very awesome week of VBS (aka Summer Adventure)! I teamed up with Amy to teach the rising 1st graders, so I had Melody in my class. The first day we had 18 kids!!! We leveled off at around 16-17 each day, but I came home pretty exhausted every day. We had an awesome group of very well-behaved children, thankfully! The theme of this year's program was Beach Party, and the kids got to learn a rough version of the Beatitudes from the Bible (where else?). The songs were very catchy and fun.

Here are some shots from the week:
Melody really didn't want her picture taken.. Melody and her friend, Kaitlyn

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Hillary Dunham said...

Awww! Can't wait till Owen's old enough! I know y'all had fun. Thanks for volunteering!