Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big 'ol bloga nuthin'

That's the fate of this poor blog lately! :( Time and life is swiftly passing by, and as a result my blog has suffered from severe neglect. Let's see, a run-down of the past 3 months or so:

Thanksmas in Citronelle, AL-- celebrated Thanksgiving with my in-laws (who have dubbed the time together as "Thanksmas" since we not only commemorate one holiday, but Christmas as well). So very happy that my SIL, BIL, neices & nephews were able to join us. It was a good time, as usual. My kids love, Love, LOVE seeing their cousins!

Breakfast w/Santa, holiday parties and more--  I was painfully behind on my Christmas shopping and so this past holiday seemed more stressful than usual. It turned out fine, and it was a bit different this year since we did a progressive Christmas. Typically we just go to my parents house, but last year my sister and her family moved to town, so we had 3 houses in the area to visit. We had brunch at my sister's, Christmas dinner at my parents, and dessert at my house. It was pretty fun!

School & work-- back to the grindstone there.... I increased my hours at work last fall, and so I'm working roughly 10 hours a week now. My son is only in preschool 3 days a week for 1/2 a day, so I don't have nearly as much "free time" anymore. I've gotten a better routine going now, but it was quite an adjustment! It's also been an adjustment having to give up some of the extracurricular things I once enjoyed doing. I didn't realize how much of a sacrifice it would be, and I admit it is a bit more than I initially anticipated. But, as a result of working more, I was able to pay for a Disney cruise without killing our budget...more on that later. School is going well for both kids. Melody is maintaining A's in 2nd grade and is a read-a-holic. I received Gannon's kindergarten registration this week! Yikes! The current plan for him is to do Kindergarten twice, because of his age. He'll do private Kindergarten at his preschool, then repeat it at public school. A tough decision, but I feel confident that we are making the right choice.

Now on to our most recent adventure....

Disney cruise-- we just returned from a 4-night cruise to the Bahamas! It was fantastic! It was everything I'd hoped it would be, plus some, and I didn't even get seasick. Perfecto!! We're already talking about doing it again in 4-5 years. Of course by then, we may just want to go to Disney World, but I really did like the cruise and how relaxing it was to not have to worry about anything. Disney is currently building a new ship which will launch next year. It's Waaay bigger than the one we were on, so I'm sure it will be just as nice or nicer. I have to say...Disney knows how to do it right!

Upcoming-- February isn't typically very busy for us, but for some reason it is this year! Most of our weekends are already booked up. Then comes Spring Break in March, where we'll spend the week in Seveirville, TN hiking and shopping, etc. I guess 2010 will be just as busy as 2009! Melody is starting piano lessons this week, and she's very excited about that. Gannon will have a go at tee-ball in the spring. I think he would play any sport as long as they give him a trophy when he's done. :) I'm not sure that's a great message or outlook to have, but hey, at least he's a kid who knows what he wants.

....And how could I forget that Alabama won the Nat'l Championship!!! Roll Tide Roll!
....And the Saints are about to play in the Superbowl!!!  Who Dat?!?! *could this possibly be the PERFECT year for football??????* I thought big print might jinx it...

I hope you and yours are having a blessed New Year!