Friday, April 9, 2010

Get up on that pink train!

Friday has been my favorite day of the week for-ev-ah and I will tell you why:

*back in school days, it meant that the weekend was about to start, and usually no homework!
*back in working mama days, it meant that I got off work at NOON and the weekend was about to start!
*nowadays, it means that the weekend is about to start and I get to spend time with my precious little family!

So not only is Friday my favorite day of the week, but I get to post about it on my friend Hillary's Friday Favorites!

Now, onto that pink train... who doesn't love a train, right? If you really love pink, I encourage you to click on that Susan G. Komen link to the right=========>
because you can shop for pink stuff to your hearts content (for a good cause, of course!). I'm not kidding; it's a LOT of pink, my friends. My Friday confession is that pink has never been my favorite color; in fact, too much pink can remind of that certain medicine and when I think about that certain medicine it leads to thoughts of having to take that medicine and that leads to unpleasant thoughts in general. I do like pink, but not too much of it all at once.

I don't think my husband is a big fan of pink either. Judge for yourself:

I'll let you choose your own caption for that lovely photo.  His sister sent him this cute cap since he shaved his head off for her. I guess she didn't want him to catch cold. What a loving sister.

Anyway, on to my favorite for this Friday!!! --I had to read thru all of that to get to my actual favorite!!-- I am so happy this Friday because my sister-in-law is done with chemo!!! I am sure that nobody is as happy about that as she is, but I am positively and absolutely glad that the ginormous hurdle of chemo is over for her! Now on to tattoos and zappers and she will be right as rain. I was going through pics looking for a photo of her that I thought she might not object overly much to me sharing, and I found this one from 2006 taken at her youngest brother's wedding.  I hope she likes it and I hope you do too! She's my inspiration for the 3 Day Walk and I am honored to be doing this for her.

She's the one in the red, in case you couldn't figure that out for yourselves. I like this one because the whole family is all spiffed up.

So, head on over to Hillary's blog and share your own Friday Favorite and read some of the others. You'll be glad you did!