Wednesday, August 18, 2010

300 miles!

With only 66 days until the Atlanta 3-Day walk, I've hit 300 training miles walked! Whew that's a lot of walking. I decided to break it down and see what it really looks like:
300 miles @ avg 16 minute mile=4800 minutes of walking
4800  minutes=80 hours of walking
300 miles x ~2000 steps per mile=600,000 steps

This past weekend I walked my first "3 Day" test run. It was a very abbreviated version of the actual 3 Day, but I have to start somewhere! So, on Friday I walked 5 miles. Saturday was 15 miles, and Sunday was 6 miles for a total of 26 miles. I was very pleased with myself. Of course, Day 1 of the actual 3 Day will be roughly 25-26 miles. But my successful completion of those miles gave me more optimism about the upcoming walk. I will keep plodding along in the hopes of being able to complete all 60 miles! I've come to think of my calluses as my ugly, little friends. Yes, they are ugly and a not so glamorous addition to my flip-flops, but come October 22 they will indeed be my friends. I need those suckers all over my previously soft feet so I won't rub even uglier, more painful blisters. So I am embracing my ugly, little friends and together we shall spend the next 70 days. But those buggers better watch out for day 71, because they will be scrubbed and rubbed into nonexistence at the spa.

300 miles down, countless more to go... :)