Thursday, July 10, 2008

How did potty training go?

Okay, so I've been meaning to check in with Gannon's progress, since we enrolled him in a 3-day potty training "boot camp" of sorts this past weekend. Okay, really I just bought an online book and we followed the directions found therein.

We started on Saturday and the big moment was Gannon throwing away all and I mean ALL of his diapers. We had a lot that I didn't know about (smaller sizes, but still...) so it was a big deal for him. He did end up asking a few times later on if he could wear his diaper. Although it was cute, it also showed that it was a lot for him to handle all at once. From the moment of throwing away the diapers, he had to put on his Big Boy underwear and he shall never wear a diaper again! To confess, as he was tossing out the diapers, I did tear up. I think it was a combination of factors that did it for me: my little boy is growing up, I'll never have to buy diapers again, and Oh did I mention I'LL NEVER HAVE TO BUY DIAPERS AGAIN????? Sweet.

So, overall it went very well. We had been letting him wear undies from time to time already, so the first couple of days he didn't even have an accident beyond the point of his underwear being damp. Not bad, eh? This was awesome for Jamie and me since we didn't have to clean up any messes off the floor. However, I have to say that staying dry during nap time and all night long has been quite a hurdle that he has not quite mastered as of yet. It's hit and miss. He's had a few dry naps, albeit nothing consistent. He's gotten up every night to go potty, and only one night has he remained dry and we didn't have to change sheets. He's just struggling with that one. I know it will get better, so we continue to encourage him. He'll get there!

I'm positively proud of him and he's proud of himself. We've been out and about every day this week (except Monday, which was Day 3 of boot camp), and he has stayed dry the entire time. He uses public toilets with no hesitation, which is awesome!

I guess this means that I officially don't have babies anymore *sniff sniff*. At least they still snuggle with me!

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