Friday, June 27, 2008

Princesses and Fairies

Today wrapped up the final day of a week long adventure Melody had at Fantasy Playhouse.

They have programs and classes during the school year as well as during the summer. She took a class last Fall that she loved, so when I saw that they were offering a Princess-themed session, I jumped on it! Melody essentially spends most of her days at home pretending to be either a princess or a fairy. So, I thought that a class entitled "Princesses and Fairies" would suit her quite well! She seemed to have lots of fun every day, and she came home with a different craft each day, including a picture she colored and sent to a soldier. After all, princesses have good manners, and are encouraging and kind to others! As a Mom, I really appreciated the teacher emphasizing good morals, and not just letting the girls escape into fairy tale world for an hour. She seemed to achieve a good balance among plenty of fantasy play, crafts, and moral lessons. Today the girls put on a final show for the parents, and they did a performance of "Sleeping Beauty". It was very cute.

The teacher recommended a book entitled "The Princess and the Kiss" to all of us. It's a book for young girls about seeking purity through God. The front of the book looked similar to all the other popular princess books out there, so it seemed as though it would appeal to children Melody's age. I thought it sounded pretty intriguing, so I will likely check it out soon. I guess it's never too soon to start teaching our children, in particular our girls, about these types of issues. Seeing as how Melody came home the first week of Kindergarten last year telling me about her new boyfriend, I think that solid, Godly lessons aimed toward our little princesses will never hurt.

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