Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beach fun

We just got back from our mini-vacation to Orange Beach, AL. We were fortunate to be able to stay at my cousin's condo for a very reasonable price, compared to many other places that charge an arm and a leg this time of year! Melody has been to the beach before (when she was 3 and I was preggers with Gannon) and she loves it! I wasn't sure how Gannon would feel about it, since it was his first time seeing open water, and I was proven correct in my suspicions. He took one look at the waves and balked! He said it was "mean and scary water" and wouldn't go anywhere near it! He was reluctant to put his feet near the water washing up onto shore, so he stayed in his comfort zone--if you can call it that--up on the sand.

Gannon is funny because he's always been very particular about his hands. He doesn't like to have dirty hands. He won't eat a cupcake for this reason--he might get frosting on his hands. So, it was no surprise when he wasn't a fan of getting his hands in the sand. We finally got a bucket of water just for him to wash his hands off. He was simply adorable, if not a little high maintenance. However, it was worth it and fun. Melody is the other end of the sand spectrum. She loves to wallow in it. She had lots of fun filling her buckets up to make sand castles, and walking through the water, letting it soak her. She's still a bit cautious to enter the ocean (thankfully!), but I'm sure she'll get there.

We also took advantage of the pool nearby and the kids loved that. Melody has improved her swimming by leaps and bounds, and Gannon is now a big fan of jumping in either from the steps or the side of the pool, as long as we hold his hands.
All in all, it was a fun trip!

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