Friday, June 13, 2008

Not letting the hum drums take over

I seem to feel this way on rainy days, I've noticed..but sometimes it's a little too easy to get that hum drum/burn-out feeling. Now, don't get me wrong, I have plenty of daily entertainment between my 2 children, not to mention my husband; however, sometimes I feel boredom trying to sneak its way into my life. Usually it goes something like this:
waking up and thinking, "Okay, today I get to make breakfast, lunch and dinner AGAIN." Yippee! "I get to change at least 5 diapers and redirect several tantrums." Yippee! Once this negative talk begins, it's really hard for me to remember all the hugs and kisses and smiles I will get..By naptime, when I should be getting other hum drum things accomplished, like paying bills (lots of fun there---usually leads to depression!), folding laundry, cleaning the house, etc...I am hitting the procrastination button. I get absolutely nothing done during that 1-2 hour window of peace and quiet. Why? I haven't figured this one out, yet.

Sometimes these feelings take over and by the time Jamie gets home, I'm moping around and begging for some alone time. I call it being a hermit. Usually I end up telling him that I really just want to become a hermit and go live in the woods somewhere desolate and isolated. This is totally unrealistic and Jamie likes to point that out. He does a good job of reminding me of the things I would miss. So, no hermit life for me!

What I try to do to combat these hum drums of life is this: while I'm pouring the umpteenth sippy cup of juice or water, I remind myself that at least I have children and that they are healthy enough to drink from a cup. While I'm preparing another chicken nugget, I remind myself that our family is blessed with plenty of food, and yes my children can be picky because we can choose whatever food we want. We don't have to depend on rice or bread every day to sustain us. As I'm folding more and more clothes, I remind myself that we are blessed to have clothes on our backs. As I grimace at the dust collecting around the house, I remind myself that we are extremely fortunate to have a shelter. Sometimes this is a stretch, but some days it is the only thing that works. I'm a really lucky person, and although it's easy to not find contentment on a daily basis, I am striving for it in my overall life. God is giving me everything I need to be content, and I should (but don't always) give him honor and praise for it. I'm a work in progress. And maybe, just maybe, one day I'll be good at it!

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Hillary Dunham said...

I think this can happen to anyone and does happen to a lot of people. You are doing the right thing by focusing on God. That's what HE tells us to do anyway, right? You can make it. Call me if you feel hum drum and I will try to cheer you up.
Love you!