Monday, January 14, 2008

Disney Dads

My sister-in-law pointed out this past week (and it's been pointed out to me before by someone else, I think) that Disney movies always have poor father figures. Around my house lately, we've all been humming/singing the tunes from "Mary Poppins" since my daughter got that movie for Christmas. There seems to be at least something in every Disney movie that doesn't fit with the mold we are making for raising our children. And, if you look at the movies as a whole, they really do a poor job of demonstrating a positive, family-driven environment.

Sleeping Beauty--father sends daughter away
Beauty and the Beast--Dad is pitiful
Snow White--Dad??? What Dad?
Cinderella--Dad has already died
The LIttle Mermaid--Dad is domineering
The Sound of Music--Dad is absent and self-centered (at least at first)
Mary Poppins-Dad is negligent

Etc, etc. I know, if I really had a major qualm with it, I wouldn't even allow my kids to watch it. It's just something to make you go, "hmmm".


Stephanie said...

And my husband pointed out not long ago that most of the Disney animated movies don't have strong female role models. Almost all the female characters are of the "damsel in distress" sort who wait for Prince Charming to come along and rescue them. Not exactly what I want to teach my daughter either!

Jenny said...

Agreed. I think Belle was one of the better female characters as far as that goes.