Friday, January 18, 2008

Am I becoming like my children?

Ok, so I've noticed lately that sometimes I become distracted... ahem. Yes, me. :)

I can be sitting in church, or in a meeting, or trying to read, and BOOM! My focus flies out the window and I'm off in left field thinking about something totally unrelated to the discussion or what I'm reading. Why is this? I don't feel as though I've always been this way.

Some theories:
1. I'm too busy, therefore my brain can't keep up. Kinda like riding a roller coaster, and the roller coaster crests a big hill then barrels down the other side--the coaster is going down but you feel as though you left your stomach somewhere at the top. Maybe this is what my brain is doing; I'm going so fast that my brain gets off track.

2. I am becoming more like my children. Since 5-year-olds and 2-year-olds aren't known for their concentration skills, maybe since I'm inundated with their continual interruptions, change-of-topic, etc I have lost my own ability to focus. Although this isn't really a "fair" theory, as it totally puts the blame on my children, it's worth a thought.

3. I've lost some brain cells along the way and you know those things can't be replaced.
Enough said about that one.

Well, I guess for now I just have to cope with it and try to get myself back in order when my brain wanders off my plate. Sometimes I feel like shouting, "COME BAAAACK!!!"

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