Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oven Woes

So, our family has been without an oven for the past 9 days. This is not a good situation in which to find oneself. Thursday night last my husband and I were sitting in the office chatting when a loud beeping noise started coming from the kitchen. My first thought was that it was the smoke alarm. My husband got up to check it out, and discovered that it was our oven. It was beeping loudly while displaying the secret oven code of F1. My husband and I not knowing oven code didn't know what to do. Thus, we commenced hitting all of the buttons on the oven in rapid succession in attempt to make it stop. It didn't work. Finally, my husband went and turned off the circuit.
The next day we decided to try again and my husband turned the circuit back on. As we stood in hopeful expectation, hovering next to the oven, it began beeping again and flashing it's dumb code again. It was then we decided to call up our home warranty folks. Now, we are very lucky that when we purchased our house nearly 6 months ago, we got a home warranty included. It has really come in handy, since some of our outlets and garage light went on the blink (not literally) a while back and it took 2 electricians to repair it. We also had a main water pipe burst under our shower, leaking water into our garage. We now have a huge hole in the ceiling of our garage. Apparently the home warranty covers the water pipe, but not the big hole the guy put in our ceiling to actually GET TO the water pipe. Nevertheless, we still saved mucho money by having a home warranty.
Well, we call the place about our dumb oven (which, by the way, I have never liked and really would like a new one..). They send out a guy a few DAYS later and all he does is write down the dumb oven code and says he has to "call it in." OK, so I think this won't take long, but here it is almost a week later and NOTHING has been done. Now, mind you, I can still cook on the oven. I merely have to go out to the garage, flip on the circuit, run back inside before the code starts flashing so I can hit the Bake button. As soon as I get that accomplished, it stops beeping and I can commence cooking. Could be worse. But, whenever the oven guy comes and gets our circuit board to "rebuild" it, I won't even have that luxury. Ah goes on.

We had Family Fun Day at my daughter's school today and it was indeed fun. I got to monitor the kids on the huge, blow-up Double Slide. It was entertaining, at least! But, we all got a little too much sun. I'll be happy for cooler weather here shortly. I love Fall! I can't go through a Fall anymore without reminiscing about walking on the Quad at the great University of Alabama, when the leaves are beginning to fall and the weather is cool. I can almost hear Denny Chimes ringing out and cheers coming from Bryant-Denny stadium...almost. It's still my favorite time of year.

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