Thursday, September 27, 2007

A little peace and serenity

This morning I woke up with the bright idea that it would be nice to go up on Green Mountain Nature trail and check it out. I haven't been to this particular trail or area for quite a number of years....probably about 8-10 years to be exact. I went a few times in college and once with my parents and now-husband. I have fond memories of a nice picnic area and decent trail/scenery. I get kid #1 to school and later kid #2 to preschool and realize that it is drizzling rain. I didn't let that deter me, though, and I drove right on up Green Mountain anyway. Well, Green Mountain is practically in my backyard. What a treat! You'd think I would have gone back sooner..

So I get to the parking area and it looks mostly like I remember. There were lots more big houses on the drive up, however. I guess some folks around here are discovering Green Mountain and it's bluff views. Anyway, I was only the 3rd vehicle in the parking lot and I saw a guy that obviously works there. So I get out, equipped with a small water, cell phone and keys. Off I head to the very large picnic area, which is very scenic because there is a large lake beyond the tables and chairs. There is a nice restroom and a covered picnic area, complete with a multitude of rocking chairs (they won my heart immediately with the addition of rocking chairs!). I'm focused on hitting the trail first, so off I head on the trail. They've added landscape timbers to line the trail, whereas before you just had to figure it out. There are various trails leading off of the main trail that are not marked, but for today I stayed on the main trail. It was a very nice, refreshing walk around the lake. I always enjoy being alone on a trail because I'm better able to focus on the workings of nature around me; birds singing, woodpeckers pecking, faint rustling of leaves from some small, unidentified get the idea. I only met one group of hikers at the very end. There's some spots along the way of interest: a log cabin, a chapel, and a neat covered bridge. I saw several ducks and geese, and a fly-fisherman. There's a small waterfall off of the lake and main trail. It's just a very nice, serene area. I'm sure on the weekend it's packed with more people, but it suited my purposes for today. Once I finished the trail I found a wooden swing facing the lake, so I sat and enjoyed the peaceful day for a while. It had stopped spitting rain by this point, so it was cool and breezy.

I would really like to take the kids up there sometime. They'd love to explore the covered bridge and they're always keen for a waterfall and nature. We'll have to make a morning trip up there soon while the weather is cooler.

It's a rare thing when I don't have a gazillion errands or chores to do while the kids are in school, so I'm particularly glad that I took the trip up Green Mountain today. Once I got home I was much more willing to get some laundry and dishes done. I should probably make a habit of it. :)

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