Friday, February 6, 2009

Highlights from the week

I've decided to start posting my highlights from the week, in an attempt to blog more often and also in an attempt to remind myself weekly of my many blessings.

1. attending a beautiful and FUN wedding. It's so refreshing to see a couple in the "new love" stage, if you know what I mean. I'd SOOO get married Jamie, of course, but I'd love to re-do my wedding. I think my vows would be taken on a much deeper level now that I've been married for nearly 10 years. If you're married, would you change anything about your wedding day?

2. attending a FUN Super Bowl party with our Sunday School Home Group (I'll have to give more details later about what a Home Group is..).

3. a warm afternoon spent playing outdoors and getting spring fever

4. intelligent children who continually amaze me with the things they bring home from school

5. good health (the kids have somehow escaped strep, a stomach virus, and a variety of other nasties which are floating around Hsv right now).

6. reconnecting with old friends...I had lunch this week with a guy I knew when I was in college, and I also lunched with a friend from high school. It was so wonderful just to catch up and realize that, despite not seeing each other for 5-10 years, it was so easy to pick right back up and be buddies again

7. fellowship with girl seems like every time I've spent some girl time with friends, I come away with a better understanding and appreciation of myself. Strange, but true.

8. playing games (specifically one of our new fave games, MarioKart on the Wii) with the kids and watching them laugh (our other recent favorite is Pass the Pigs...not a Wii game)

9. the willingness of my husband to sit and listen to me talk (sometimes) aimlessly every night after the kids are in bed

10. the prospect of warm weather this weekend, and the anticipation of going for a hike and picnic on the mountain

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Steph said...

The only thing I'd change about my wedding day would be to have my matron of honor there. ;-) Otherwise, it was perfect. (And we did have LOADS of fun passing her picture around...) There were good surprises (like extra flowers because of the holiday weekend), and one of my bridesmaids gave me a Dixie cup full of vodka (which she passed off as water in front of my mom) right before the ceremony, and we got to drive around town in a really old collector car before the reception... gosh, it was lots of fun. Beautiful day, beautiful weather, lots of family and friends. And of course I'd marry the same guy again. :-) Even if he came with the same parents...

T.Bone Gal said...

Oh no!!! Not Pass the Pigs!!!! :D