Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Small Gifts

I'd like my children to grow up without stress. Wow--wouldn't that be great if I could actually accomplish that ginormous feat? I'd like them to grow up living a carefree, simple life that children should have (up to a certain age). I remember when I was a kid, I lived a slow-paced life. I was able to go for long hikes in the woods with my Dad and Grandpa. I learned to recognize birds by their song or chirp. I learned how to skip rocks on water by first using careful discrimination of which stones were flattest and smoothest. I climbed pecan trees, and would hungrily scarf down as many pecans as I could before having to take the rest of the load inside to my Mom. Windy days remind me of flying kites in the Spring, and blowing, swirling leaves in the Fall. I remember all of this and not having to bother thinking about what I had to do when I got home, or running through my to-do list in my head as I'm enjoying a hike. I remember the luxury of being present in the moment. I hope and pray that I'm able to pass that on to my children, just those few small gifts in life: happiness, peace, and contentment.

That being said, I messed up my pictures. I added some that weren't supposed to be there, and left off some that I intended to include. Ah well...I'll be content with it anyway!

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