Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been getting a consistent message lately of "God is going to prepare you for whatever it is you are called to do." It's something I think about quite often, actually, without realizing it. What am I called to do? People call me to do things all the time, and much of it is wonderful, worthwhile stuff. Bake stuff for a church bake sale, donate money to a worthy cause, lead a children's Sunday School class, etc.

But what is GOD calling me to do?

How do I know when it's God calling me to do something versus people calling me to do something? I've felt "called" about my profession, both my paid and unpaid work.... :) I feel as though I was called to be a social worker, and meant to be a Mom. But what about the other work I do? The work for God's kingdom. Is baking something for a church bake sale enriching God's kingdom? Is organizing a girl's night out (even if it's for my Sunday School friends) enriching God's kingdom? I guess it boils down to what I do during the time spent on those things. Am I praying for blessings upon the people I bake for? Do I reach out in a loving way to someone who is lonely and invite them to join Girl's night out?
I don't do those things.

I sometimes feel unprepared for what I'm doing. I lead first graders on Sunday nights and I never feel ready. But, I don't spend time preparing myself beforehand, so I'm missing the blessings God might give me if I spent some time praying about it. I think God WILL prepare us, if we reach out to him. I think I need to start reaching out more and talking less/worrying less/filling my life with busyness less...and then maybe I will understand what it means for God to prepare me for something, versus me just going at it alone.

Sometimes I also think God challenges us to do things we don't feel prepared for. I can't use excuses or delude myself into denial about God's actual callings. I don't really feel at this point in my life that God has called me to do anything too far outside of my box. I've been leading a rather comfortable life as far as callings go. But, what if he gave me a big one that I might not be ready for? How would I respond? I can say I'm not ready, but would God call me to do something if I weren't ready? No, I'm sure he wouldn't. But, how many times has he called and maybe I wasn't listening?

I think I'll start listening and preparing now, because I never know when he might call me to do something extraordinary. :)

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Steph said...

I have also long believed that my profession has been my "calling". God blessed me with specific gifts. For years I used to feel like a second-rate musician because I wasn't as good/talented/whatever as other, more professional, musicians. And then I came to the realization that, yes-- God blessed me with a wonderful gift of music, but He didn't bless me with the gift of being a high caliber performer. He blessed me with the gift of creating music and being able to share that music with those who need it most, and that doesn't require me to be "good enough" to be on stage somewhere or get paid loads of money or have some recording contract or symphony union membership. But, like you, I often find myself wondering what God might be calling me to do outside of my professional work and being a Mom. There's got to be more to life than those things, right? :-)

Remember in the story of Elijah, when he's up on the mountain top searching for God (because God was supposed to be up there-- I Kings, 19). And there came a strong wind then an earthquake then a fire-- and God wasn't in any of those. God came in the still small voice afterwards. I have to admit that I'm not very good at hearing the "still small voice", but I really love that story (and Jonah, who gets to where God wants him to go regardless of what Jonah's plans are!). Although most of the major life changes I've experienced have not been of the small voice variety! It's no small voice that drives a person cross country three times... and yet, I know God's hand was in all of those moves. Mysterious reasons and all. It's so much easier to see God's work in hindsight. :-) Trust and faith get us through until then.