Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time is fleeting

My kids are growing up. If you are a parent, then yours are too. *gasp* When did that happen? And how do I make it stop?
Sometimes I find myself wanting to freeze time, or capture it inside a bottle so I can remember certain moments forever. I know I'm not alone in this, but I have yet to figure out how to do it! Any help here??

Today my son was disappointed about something and began to cry giant crocodile tears. He was pitiful. In those moments, there is not much comfort I can provide other than a big hug. After the ordeal was over, I started analyzing the situation and it struck me that these moments are not going to last much longer. You see, my children are not always going to want to come running to Mommy for a shoulder to cry on or to get comfort from a hug. Particularly my son, I fear. So while I certainly don't wish heartache and despair upon my children, I do embrace those few and fleeting moments in time that they do turn to me. One day, God willing, they will be grown-ups. Unfortunately this also means their heartaches will be bigger. While I pray that they will turn to me or their Dad for a comforting shoulder or a hug, I also understand that this will most likely not always be the case. My true prayer is that they will always know that we will be there for them, and that God will always be there for them as well. While I can provide temporary comfort, God is their ultimate comforter.

So I will take these fleeting moments while they last. I will fully embrace the love that my children show to me on a daily basis. I will (hopefully) teach them how to show comfort to others, and to turn to God for their own comfort.
Today my blessing is being given the awesome responsibility of being a parent to my precious children. What's your blessing?

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