Tuesday, March 9, 2010

5 Fantastic Favorites

In case you haven't heard, I've been doing a lot of walking lately. This past Saturday as I was going my most recent favoritest route, I was unable to get my iPod to function.  I happened to be alone for this walk, so I decided to go all purist and listen to nature for my musical selection. As a result of two hours of alone, quiet time to think, I came up with 5 things I enjoyed about my walk that day.

5. The sunshine was awesome! I'm quite weary of our dreary winter we've had here in North AL, so I soaked up Vitamin D like it was an oasis in the desert. I so hope this means spring is upon us!

4.  I'm starting to see the same faces over and over again. I've been walking this route for the past month or so, usually on Saturdays, and I have learned that there are quite a few folks who have a similar routine as me. It is kind of neat to start recognizing people on my walk.

3.  For example, there's the guy who walks with his dog. The dog is not on a leash, but evidently he will stay with his master as long as there is a tennis ball in the dog's mouth. The dog doesn't even appear to notice me, but he always has that darn tennis ball in his mouth. I've never even seen the owner throw the ball for the dog or anything; they are always simply walking.  I'm sure the owner is grateful for Pavlov. (aren't we all, really???) I mean, if you are going to be brave enough to let your dog off its leash, at least have the thing well-trained.

2.  Speaking of animals, I see a multitude of dogs on this route. It's a greenway, so it's much safer to walk your dog there rather than on a road. In fact, Saturday I saw a couple of very large Great Danes. Not as big as this one, but I am always impressed by their greatness. :) I also walk far enough south to see some geese. I love listening to all of the birds, and this past weekend I heard a woodpecker. It reminded me of my grandfather, because I could just imagine him having his binoculars at the ready to spot any bird or woodpecker around. He would have outpaced me (as he always did) even with his birdwatching. I appreciate the solitude of nature and the memories it brings with it. If I'd had on my iPod, chances are I wouldn't have heard that woodpecker and thought about my grandpa.

1.  I also get to witness exercise taking on more forms than walking. There are usually quite a few bikers and runners. I even see a rollerblader now and again. However, this past weekend I saw something I'd never seen before. I wasn't sure if I should jump off the walkway or not, because this thing was literally swerving so madly from side to side that I thought it might hit me. I really don't see the point in it, but the guy riding it seemed to be enjoying himself.

In the spirit of keeping my countdown alive, I've now logged 54 miles. Only 228 more days to go!

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