Monday, March 16, 2009

The FREE Spring Break week!

This week is Spring Break in the great city of Huntsville, AL. Although we generally don't travel for Spring Break, I always have that grade school anticipation of something fun and carefree. The kids are home with me all week and we don't have any of our usual activities like dance or gymnastics. We do have soccer practice tonight if the rain subsides..we'll see! Anyway, this year for Spring Break I have decided that the kids and I are going to participate in as many FREE activities as possible (with the exception of going to shop at Old Time Pottery today). My in-laws are arriving in town tonight some time, and they will be with us tomorrow. I always enjoy going up to Green Mountain, so tomorrow I'm going to suggest we pack a picnic lunch and go up there for a relaxing afternoon treat. Hopefully we can feed some ducks while we're there. Last year during Fall Break I took the kids on a hike with the Land Trust on Wildflower Trail and they loved it. It's quite short, follows a small creek, and has a bench for eating or resting. During that hike, the guide told us that we should come back in the Spring because all of the wildflowers are in bloom. It just so happens that they are hosting a hike on Wednesday for Wildflower Trail again, so we will be there. I hope to get some pretty pictures.
Rain is predicted for Thursday, so since that is our usual library day anyway, we'll likely end up there.
On Friday, the Botanical Gardens are having the Raptors show again (we attended last year---very cool!), and I will try to forgive them for being from Auburn. Seriously, it's a GREAT show and we have an annual membership, so we can get in for free. The kids LOVE the children's play area of the garden, and although the butterflies aren't back yet, the Butterfly House is still fun with turtles and such.

While I always like to try new things, I don't have a problem filling our week with the tried-and-true activities I've got planned. I think we'll have a great week and I hope you do, too!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I love your free idea! And the raptors WERE great. We would totally go back if we weren't going to Dothan- where free food is served along with free babysitting! I can't wait to hear about your free adventures!
Thanks for changing your link there, Jenny!

T.Bone Gal said...

Fun for you guys! :)