Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tennis, Anyone?

I'm a bit late posting this, but my only excuse is that this week has been Fall Break for the kids (no school), so I've had my hands full. No time to blog!!

Jamie's been talking for a while about getting the kids (namely, Melody) out on the tennis court. There's a great club in town that offers lessons for a very reasonable price, but for some reason Jamie had his heart set on buying racquets and going out to play. So that is what he did. We loaded up the kids, their new racquets and balls, and went to our nearby park to the tennis courts. Melody took to it like a fish to water; she did great for her first time! I was simply amazed.

Gannon was interested for about 5 minutes, then in normal Gannon fashion, proceeded to try to collect everyone's racquet for his own pretend game of something-or-other!

Melody also enjoyed learning the fine art of "pocketing" your tennis balls when you don't have pockets!

Now that the weather is just perfect, I'm sure we'll be out on the courts again soon! It was so much fun!
And, this is random, but the kids have also been enjoying the fall by coloring pumpkins! The big guy will be a jack-o-lantern soon, but I'm waiting a couple of weeks so he won't rot. Have a great October, everyone!


Hillary Dunham said...

I love that Gannon face! Hilarious! We'll have to play tennis together sometime... if we can find our rackets buried under the boxes labeled "stuff we used to do before we had kids".

Jenny said...

Exactly! Jamie and I haven't played tennis together since we first got married...almost 10 years ago!! Our tennis rackets need new grips badly, but the strings were still okay. I forgot how much you run playing tennis... it was great fun! Come join us anytime.

T.Bone Gal said...

Looks like Melody had fun and that Gannon was very supportive! :)