Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Most people view change with trepidation. They approach it warily. I've been guilty of this in times past, but sometimes I find myself totally comfortable with it and even seeking change of some sort. While part of me likes routine and ordinary, another part of me seeks adventure and spontaneity.

I like watching the seasons change. Sometimes it can be so gradual that you hardly even notice when Spring becomes Summer. Other times it hits you in your face, such as when Fall becomes Winter too suddenly and you are scrounging around for your winter coat and long johns. I think I prefer gradual change, personally. It's much easier to accept and acclimate oneself to a slow process of change than something unexpected.

Change is necessary for growth to occur. I can't imagine if I still thought and reacted the way I did when I was 18. Change helps us mature. Change helps us experience the world in a new way. I think I'm starting to like this thing called Change.


Stephanie said...

At my last job, when I was telling one of the social workers that I'd be leaving soon and moving across the country (on 3 weeks'notice)-- her reply was this, "Sometimes you have to turn your life upside down just to see what's on the other side."

She had a good point. I, too, prefer the routine and predictability of life. But sometimes change is necessary, even vital, to life. Of course, sudden changes are difficult to adjust to and not always welcome. But ultimately in the great and grand scheme of life, I believe that all change is good. Otherwise, we would remain stagnant and static-- and what fun is that?

So although I may not embrace change in my life, I will tolerate it because I know it's good for me (kind of like eating your vegetables). :-)

Jenny Mc said...

And there is no change quite like moving across the country on faith.. :) At least you're not one of the unfortunate stuck in the snowed-in NE right now!